still waiting

We are in limbo.

Alan is applying for several positions for school Assistant Principal, both in the Twin Cities and in Duluth.  The jobs seem to be competitive and not easy to get–lots of applicants and many of them with lots of experience in school administration.  Alan is a good catch and I know someone will snatch him up at some point.

I am still waiting to hear whether I am accepted to grad school.

If Alan gets a job in Duluth, of course we will take it.  But I will then be unable to go to grad school for the program I have my heart set on.  The grad school programs in the area are limited and they are not what I am interested in.  My program is not available online anywhere by an accredited school.

Either way, whether we stay here or move, we win.  I am working hard to put my trust into knowing that the universe provides what I need, even if it isn’t always what I think it should be.




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