No Duluth, at least not yet.

Alan did not get the job in Duluth.  It’s ok; he will get a job when the time is right.

I got into grad school.

It looks like our path has been chosen for the next three to five years.

It is both exciting and comforting to know what the near future might hold.

I love a new beginning.

On an unrelated note, this is a photo I took of Mia and Anna with their cousins.  Isn’t it adorable?

Mia and Anna with their girl cousins


I received my acceptance letter!

Unless Alan gets a job out of town and we move, I will begin graduate school in October.

I am absolutely excited, but in ways, I am overwhelmed, too.

Will I be able to balance my home life with my new life as a grad student? I have never been a student mother of two at-home children who need baths and clean clothes and healthy meals and field trips and chit-chat.  Will we be able to live on a smaller income when I cut back my hours at my job?  Will I be able to stay within my grocery budget on a more hurried schedule that will tempt me to eat out and buy convenience food?

I hope the answer is yes.  My confidence is a little weak.