I am a new woman!

Being a better, more patient, less stressed mama will cost me about $30 a week.  I will happily exchange the gym membership I’ve been pondering for this magical little luxury: a mother’s helper.

I found my mother’s helper through Craigslist.  She is a wonderful person and already a friend.  My kids love her, I love her, she is a chef, professional nanny, and gardening pro.

She came over for the first time today.  While I tended the children’s lunches, baths, fights and art projects, my mother’s helper made a huge batch of soup for dinner tonight and for the freezer, pesto and ground basil and kale for the freezer, and helped empty out my herb garden and make use of everything in it.  She cleaned up from our lunch and from all of her cooking, and gave me the advice I needed on using my handed-down bread maker.  She even gave me a discount because I gave her soup and herbs to take home.

Now I have a clean house, happy children, happy me, and soup and fresh bread ready for dinner in an hour.

It is 4 pm and I have one whole hour in which there is nothing that I have to do.

Sweet nothing, how I have missed you!

While the kids play hide and seek, I am going to have a cup of tea and catch up on some reading.


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