A day I would like to repeat. Every day.

Wednesday was direction-less, lazy, depressing, crabby, messy, bad-attitude day.

Then I had a pep-talk from my wonderful husband.

Thursday I had a new attitude and a new plan, and the day was almost perfect.

(It helped that my Mother’s Helper was in the kitchen for over 4 hours making multitudes of freezer meals!)

Things that happened on Thursday were:

I drank hot tea right away in the morning, took a shower, and took my morning supplements instead of lying in bed for 45 minutes fantasizing about sleeping more.

Fed something to the kids and myself, too. Almost right away–to prevent the low-blood sugar crash that normally happens.

Got the kitchen caught up and ready for Mother’s Helper cooking spree.

Did my first session of home-school curriculum with Mia and Anna. It was lovely.

Went for a long walk with the kids, each on her own bike.

Stayed calm and patient and did not yell at Anna all day.

Stayed away from the computer until after the kids were in bed.

Made muffins and no-bake cookies after kids went to bed–for the freezer in preparation for cabin camping this weekend.

Every day I have a choice.  Life is what I make it.

Today was my reminder.

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