The first 10 hours of my at-home fall vacation

I am 10 hours into a nice little vacation for myself, albeit in my own home.  Since becoming a mother 8 1/2 years ago, I have not been alone for more than about 4 hours.  And definitely not at home.  This is a long awaited and much anticipated dream come true.

Alan took both girls up to the cabin until Saturday afternoon.  That means I still have another day and a half by myself–that’s two mornings to sleep in, two nights to go to bed early and sleep like a baby.

I vowed to do no housework or other “should-dos” on my little freedom vacation.  The house is a mess, yes.  It is a bit bothersome, but it can wait.  It really will not go anywhere.

This is what I did today:

-Went to the auto place to have wheel alignment done.  While waiting, I went to Wal-Mart, read a magazine, and watched the Young and the Restless.  Did you know Nikki and Victor are still on that show and haven’t aged a day in 15 years?

-Watched a few episodes of The Daily Show and LOL-ed by myself while snuggling with cats and eating leftovers for lunch

-Took a nap

-Perused the adult section at the library.  Has that been there this whole time? Who knew!

-Went to the chiropractor.

-Had a hot deli dinner from the Wedge, plus tiramisu and a green kombucha.

-Walked through the sculpture garden.

-Went to Walker Free Thursday.  The Avant Garde exhibit is magnificent.

-Drove to Lake of the Isles and walked about 1/4 of the way around the lake before realizing it was way too far to walk all the way around.

-Drove around the Lake of the Isles to look at houses and found a little independent bookstore nestled in one of the neighborhoods.  Stopped in to take a look.

-Stopped at North Beach at Lake Calhoun to watch the sunset and sit on the beach. Sat by a flock of seagulls standing in the shallow water.

-Shopped at TJ Maxx and bought a pair of running shoes and socks.  Tried on a pitiful bra.

-Came home and called my family at the cabin. Oh, those sweet voices.

-Took a bath, complete with candle and Mozart on Pandora.

-Watched more Daily Show, checked Facebook, watched SNL, and now am blogging with a cat on my lap.

-Going to sleep at 10pm with cat to keep me warm.

Today was nothing short of glorious.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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