What I did on my second day of vacation

Because my second day was wrapped up in some inner turmoil, I forgot to write what I did other than ponder my life.  I do not want to forget, so here goes:

-shopped at Unique Thrift (it was their 25% off VIP day) and bought 15 books for just over $8.  Few things make me as happy as finding great books for next-to-nothing.

-took a long nap

-went to two Half-Price bookstores but left empty-handed (it’s ok–really)

-had dinner at Linden Hills Co-op (a slice of pizza for $1 and a delicious chocolate bar for another dollar–what a deal).  I ate my fabulous, simple meal while reading through the latest Vitamin.

-went to Target and tried on a bunch of workout clothes, several of which I liked.  But, my check was declined and I was not able to buy them.

-spent an hour on the phone with the bank and the credit agency to figure out why my check was declined. The answer is still not known.  Divine intervention, perhaps.

-worked on my albums until late at night, while listening to Pandora.

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