Love, rekindled.

A whole weekend, all to ourselves, in two familiar places:

Canoe Bay in Chetek, Wisconsin, where we had our honeymoon twelve years ago:

And Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where we met, fell in love, and spent our first year of married life together:

Doors leading to the rehearsal hall at UW-Eau Claire, where we met in marching band and Wind Ensemble.
Haas Fine Arts Center at UWEC, where Alan and I spent most of our courtship.
Band shell at Muir Park in Eau Claire, location of our first kiss and our first date.
Carson Park on Half Moon Lake, Eau Claire, location of our first date and also the bench on which I sat when Alan proposed to me.
And the proposal looked a little something like this…
…and like this.
Here’s to many more years. xoxo

Nothing rekindles love like time alone together.  We will do this again and again.

My life without Facebook, once again.

I deleted my Facebook account.  I did it.

As expected, I had a little pain and regret for a few days but it has since subsided. The space that Facebook once filled is starting to take a new form, and I am remembering what life was like before the days of Mark Zuckerberg’s wondrous invention.

Because I wasn’t running to Facebook every time I felt bored, stressed, or was having an otherwise unpleasant life experience, suddenly I had to face my unpleasant life experiences head on.  Suddenly I had to deal with them.

Sadness and various other unpleasant emotions flooded over me for a while.  It was annoying and inconvenient, and happened to occur during Anna’s double dose of influenza and a cold. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I was worried about my kid, and I didn’t have Facebook to distract me! Oh, my.

Then with the help of my husband and his wonderful listening and feedback skills, I remembered how to deal with those uncomfortable feelings I’ve been running from as of late: go to the root. What was I really sad about? What could I do about it?  I am not really sure yet, but I feel better, anyway.

It is peaceful here.  It is quiet. It is under-stimulating and void of the daily minutiae of 221 friends and 187 groups.  Sure, I will miss some people.  But I am done with Facebook.

Instead, I am living the details of my own life, even if they happen to be less than pleasant.

Here I am with one of my favorite little people.