My life without Facebook, once again.

I deleted my Facebook account.  I did it.

As expected, I had a little pain and regret for a few days but it has since subsided. The space that Facebook once filled is starting to take a new form, and I am remembering what life was like before the days of Mark Zuckerberg’s wondrous invention.

Because I wasn’t running to Facebook every time I felt bored, stressed, or was having an otherwise unpleasant life experience, suddenly I had to face my unpleasant life experiences head on.  Suddenly I had to deal with them.

Sadness and various other unpleasant emotions flooded over me for a while.  It was annoying and inconvenient, and happened to occur during Anna’s double dose of influenza and a cold. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I was worried about my kid, and I didn’t have Facebook to distract me! Oh, my.

Then with the help of my husband and his wonderful listening and feedback skills, I remembered how to deal with those uncomfortable feelings I’ve been running from as of late: go to the root. What was I really sad about? What could I do about it?  I am not really sure yet, but I feel better, anyway.

It is peaceful here.  It is quiet. It is under-stimulating and void of the daily minutiae of 221 friends and 187 groups.  Sure, I will miss some people.  But I am done with Facebook.

Instead, I am living the details of my own life, even if they happen to be less than pleasant.

Here I am with one of my favorite little people.

2 thoughts on “My life without Facebook, once again.

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  1. Nicely done! I did the same thing about two weeks ago. It is hard but I don’t think I am really missing out on much.

  2. A little distraction is good sometimes. Sounds like the bottomless pit of the Facebook porridge was just too hot. Perhaps as you adjust and re-balance you’ll find a diffferent distraction that is just right. Good luck Goldilocks.

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