Year of Change

My Gemini horoscope for the year predicted 2012 would be a year of dramatic change for me.  It said that I would reflect on all of my relationships, commitments, and beliefs, re-evaluate them, and make necessary shifts.

Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself! The horoscope was pretty accurate.  While I am glad for what this year has brought me, I am ready for things to settle down.  It has been an intense year filled with change and growth.  I am looking forward to a year of contentment and having a bit of respite from all the hard work done this year. I feel like I am going through a rebirth, of healing old wounds, clearing out old gunk, and making room for a new life. There have been a series of significant events and people this year, all of which have lead up to what feels like a grand finale.

This year the greatest lessons I’ve learned are moderation and letting go.  I have become more aware of my idealism and have learned to override it with logic more than in the past.  I have learned moderation in my feelings and beliefs and practiced more critical analysis than I have in the past.  I have become aware of my space and boundaries, where I am, and where I want others to be.  I have learned let go, of fears, of control, and of heavy ideals.  And lastly, I have learned to trust and accept help from others who are there for me.

I have been grateful for the wild ride of 2012, and I am ready to move to quieter times in the year to come.  I am ready to cross the threshold. Welcome to a new year.

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