A happy, happy day

For nine years' of days and nights, I have had Mia under my wing.  She's been my shadow for all of her life, my little companion, my teacher. Today, I let her go. She started school today. I did all of my crying, grieving and letting go prior to today, and I woke up happy... Continue Reading →

nine years

Nine years ago tonight, I sat in a hospital bed, wearing a gown and an ultrasound device strapped to my engorged belly, attended by a crabby nurse who ordered me to poop on the bed. Regardless, I was ready, calm, and happy.  I tolerated a Pitocin-induced labor for a few hours before the epidural relief... Continue Reading →

should I or shouldn’t I?

This year I hope to resolve some questions I have been pondering for a while. Should I or shouldn't I: Send Anna to preschool, and if so, where? Send Mia to school and where? Build my home health care business? (scares me to death) Eat a low-glycemic diet to get my skin and weight back... Continue Reading →

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