Update on Unanswered Questions


I asked, waited, and listened, and these are the answers that have come up thus far:

Send Anna to preschool, and if so, where? Maybe not.  I just love spending time with her so much now that Mia is in school.  I think I want to keep her!

Send Mia to school and where? Mission accomplished!

Build my home health care business? (scares me to death) No.  Keep it simple.  What I have is perfect for right now.

Eat a low-glycemic diet to get my skin and weight back on track? (the answer is “yes”) YES.  And don’t forget sleep, exercise and water, too.

Start grad school? YES! In October 2013!

Study for LPC, MSW, LPCC or LMFT licensure? Dual licensure for LPCC and LMFT.

Or maybe not go to grad school at all, and just live and enjoy my present life? BOTH! They are a part of the same package. 

Rent out our house and move into a Linden Hills apartment, so Mia can go to a fantastic school and we can save money? Absolutely not.  Where did that idea come from, anyway?!

Get braces? Undecided.