school, one month later.

Mia has been in public school for one month now.  The newness has mostly worn off, and we are settled more into this routine.  Making lunches and doing homework have become regular evening rituals for us, as have driving to and fro and juggling our schedules to make it work. These are my main thoughts... Continue Reading →

a small dilemma

Mia is in a choir that meets once per week or more, depending on performances.  She absolutely loves it and it means a lot to her. The drive is long and during rush-hour on a school-night.  It is utterly draining.  The gas is also expensive.  There is fighting in the van all the way home,... Continue Reading →


In the spring of 2003, I was blissfully pregnant, working on my art degree and living a wildly creative life.  Home life was easygoing and marriage was fun. Life was not perfect, but it was pretty great. I had balance. Then Mia was born, and suddenly I was not a student, wife, artist, or individual... Continue Reading →

When it hurts

We have all experienced trauma of varying degrees.  Depending on our sensitivity levels, our coping mechanisms, and our awareness, these traumas affect each of us in unique ways. In some, they cause us to attract partners that hurt us, turn us into addicts of drugs, work or exercise, give us health problems, or make us... Continue Reading →

A new challenge

I challenged myself to cultivating heartfelt gratitude on a daily basis through my blog, Project Happy.  After a month of gratitude practice, a new world has opened up to me.  Although shadows of my old self still emerge and want to criticize and create drama, I am now aware of these shadows.  I can stop... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Mom and Dad.

After a month keeping my new blog, Project Happy, and an honest attempt at cultivating gratitude and positivity in my thoughts and inner life, all I can say is this: WOW. (And also all of the following words.) I have made more progress in this one month than I have perhaps made in all of... Continue Reading →

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