A new challenge

I challenged myself to cultivating heartfelt gratitude on a daily basis through my blog, Project Happy.  After a month of gratitude practice, a new world has opened up to me.  Although shadows of my old self still emerge and want to criticize and create drama, I am now aware of these shadows.  I can stop them and change course.  I will likely fall back into old patterns, but it is okay.  I know that I can always come back to where I am now.

Today I start a new challenge:

Give thanks and overlook the rest.

Instead of pointing out to Alan what he has not done, I am now thanking him for what he has done.  Instead of noticing the traits he lacks, I will cultivate gratitude for the traits I love in him. He took the girls to Bingo Night, made breakfast, made dinner, took the girls to church when I was at work, and picked Mia up from her friend’s house.  He is patient, kind, and loyal. He is a wonderful man in so many ways. I have too often chosen to focus on miniscule irritations rather than his gifts.

Gratitude is warm and healing, and when it is alive in our hearts, it washes away criticism and judgment.  It brings forgiveness and change.  It is a simple change, but a life-altering one.

On to the new and better.

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