a small dilemma

Mia is in a choir that meets once per week or more, depending on performances.  She absolutely loves it and it means a lot to her.

The drive is long and during rush-hour on a school-night.  It is utterly draining.  The gas is also expensive.  There is fighting in the van all the way home, and we are all crabby and tired every single time we come home.

This is her second year in the choir.  It goes all the way through twelfth grade.  She has developed a sweet, beautiful little voice.  But I am overwhelmed with the commitment.  I want to quit.  Carpool is not an option; nobody else in the choir lives in our town (hence the long drive).  There are other choirs but all of them meet after school, during rush hour and not in our town.  Not interested in choirs affiliated with churches.

What should I do?

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