school, one month later.

Mia has been in public school for one month now.  The newness has mostly worn off, and we are settled more into this routine.  Making lunches and doing homework have become regular evening rituals for us, as have driving to and fro and juggling our schedules to make it work.

These are my main thoughts on school today:

1. It dictates our lives.  School is a lifestyle.

2. The weekend is a wonderful respite, and I want to do nothing on weekends except let Mia play and reconnect with her.

3. Monday is a wonderful respite from a long weekend of play and reconnecting.

4.  There is not much room for other activities and interests, and there is little time for reading books that are not for school.

5. Driving to and from other activities in addition to driving to and from school is a lot of driving.  And gas.

6. There are a lot of fundraisers, homework, carnivals, meetings, playdate opportunities, parties, and events affiliated with school. A lot.  

7. Children in school do not learn to question authority or to think for themselves; in fact, this type of thinking is discouraged.

8. I am afraid that if Mia is in school until 12th grade, she will miss out on her childhood.

9. The spirit of the child is neglected somewhat.

10. There is a disconnect from the outside world, from nature, and from the self.

11. There is the expectation of conformity.

12. Time is spent doing mostly meaningless tasks while meaningful, practical skills are neglected.

13.  Mia is joyful, has a sparkle in her eye, and loves this new adventure.  I do think that for now, this matters most.

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