More thoughts on school and choir

I was feeling a little down about school the other day when I wrote this post.  I was also feeling down about our commitment to Mia’s choir when I wrote this one.  Today I feel much better about both, and this is why: No matter what Mia is in or isn’t in–she can and will find happiness because she has already the necessary ingredients.

I am not going to enroll Mia in choir next year, because that is what I need for my happiness.  She will be ok.  She can always join choir later on again if we choose.  Joy comes from within, and she already has it.  She has parents who love her and each other, she has a network of love and support beyond our immediate family, she has downtime and fun, and she has stability in her daily life and she has freedom to find her own path.  That’s really all kids need, right?

What I need now is to relax and not worry so much about these little details that aren’t really that important.