I am going to Denmark!

It has been my dream since I was last there when I was fifteen years old. For my 35th birthday this year, my parents are buying me a round-trip flight to Denmark.  I asked my dad if he would join me.  He said "Yes!" This particular dream was one I put onto my 2012 treasure... Continue Reading →

My free Gemini reading

I signed up for a free Gemini reading, based on the time and date of my birth.  It is amazingly true and embarrassingly accurate.  It also makes me realize that maybe I am not as serious as I think I am, and maybe more selfish than I realized. Luckily I think I realized a lot... Continue Reading →

Sweetness and sickness.

Yesterday I was sick. While I felt pretty miserable, there is a gift that comes with being sick.  It comes in letting housework go, in letting everything go, and simply being present.  Being sick always makes me extra grateful for how good I normally feel and for what a gift it is to have good... Continue Reading →

Happy 35th birthday, Alan!

Alan turned 35 yesterday.  I wanted to make the day special and memorable, even though he spent most of it at work.  He is an amazing father, husband and person. Here is what we did: we ate the yummiest meal I have ever made: Asian Orange Chicken with Ginger Veggie Stir Fry with steamed jasmine rice... Continue Reading →

Last day of “three”

I feel surprisingly less sentimental about this day than I expected (although I don't know yet what tomorrow will bring).  This is the day, four years ago, that I went into labor with Anna and had one of the most transformative experiences of my adult life.  While I still deeply appreciate what it was, I... Continue Reading →

“No, thank you.”

In recent years I've slowly learned to say "no, thank you" to entities and activities that I truly did not want to partake in, and am now able to do so without guilt...most of the time.  I still tend to give in sometimes, but it is a little less the norm than it used to... Continue Reading →

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