Aries New Moon 2013

Here is my new treasure map for the 2013 Aries New Moon!

1. I have a wonderful trip to Denmark with my dad.  It is smooth, peaceful, easy, and a special opportunity to connect with my dad.  I pay for it easily, and my family does well here at home while I am away.

2. I start school in October and it is a smooth transition.  I do well in school and balance it gracefully with other parts of my life.

3. Our income increases substantially due to Alan’s new job, which is the perfect job for him and for us.

4. We make wise financial decisions and plan for the future.  We save our money and spend carefully as well as pay off our debts in a timely manner.

5. Alan, Mia, Anna and I are healthy in mind and body and take good care of ourselves.

6. We have harmonious relationships.

7. I am open, humble, grounded, resourceful, wise, responsible, fun, patient, kind, nurturing to self and others, and a good listener.

8. Dermatology treatments for my face

9. Orthodontics for Mia and for me

10. New driveway for us

11. A good sense of style and fashion sense that fits into our budget. I look my best.

12. A beautiful, neat, organized, safe, quiet, and comfortable home.

13. A fulfilling and joyful life for Alan, Mia, Anna, and me.

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  1. Reblogged this on in the mousehole and commented:

    Thank you. All of these have happened or are in progress, except for the dermatology treatments for my face. Alan did not get a new job, but he got a pay increase and he loves his job. I don’t know if I want the dermatology treatments anymore. I accept and love myself for who I am right now.

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