Update about ordinary things

Lots of little changes have been happening since my last post, and it has been good.

First of all, we have been sick for about a month, each of us taking our turn with a week of bronchitis/sore throat/fever-type of illness.  Because of this I have not been able to go to the YMCA much (no sick kids in the daycare).  I think I will have to quit my membership there and continue my workout regimen at home.  I also suspect that some of our viruses have come from the daycare.

Things have been very good in the marriage department.  I have felt more connected to Alan and as if we are on the same team with him on parenting and other matters, and it is wonderful.  I feel a sense of peace with things I used to struggle with, and am happy with how things are. I think this is a new beginning for us, and it is the result of many years of work and struggle.  It feels good to be here.

We all went to our holistic doctor on Monday, and the timing could not have been better.  He determined that we all have two types of respiratory viruses as well as group A Strep in our ears, nose and throat, which explains our ill health this last month.  While we have no conventional symptoms of Strep, our doc was able to detect that we had a small amount present in our bodies. He found that the reason our immune systems are not fighting these off is that we have various parasites in our bodies from our cats.  While this is terrible news on one hand, it will be treated easily and quickly.  He is treating us for all of these and we will be well again soon.  But we have to get our cats treated and then keep them inside, which will be the most difficult part of this new task.  After two nights of our treatments we are all feeling better already.  I also learned that I am highly sensitive or allergic to egg white, most likely because of the egg whites in my childhood vaccines. I am so grateful for this doc every time we go to him.  He gets to the root of our ailments like no one else can.

My sister was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease this week, and because I have several symptoms that point to a sluggish thyroid, too, I am going to get fully checked out next week.  Things like that tend to run in families.  I hope I get good news.

Many things have fallen into place in the last few weeks.  The cats got their rabies shots and have appointments to deal with their parasites and dirty teeth, I have my appointments lined up, our finances are in order and we have plans to deal with upcoming expenses, such as a new driveway and my Denmark trip, and I got the whole house de-cluttered and cleaned out (almost–except for Alan’s workshop and garage).  I now feel I have space for new things, such as harmonious relationships and positive experiences, as well as a new job for Alan and/or other major life changes that could come up. I also feel I have the space now to work on my photo albums and similar tasks.

I am really excited about my Denmark trip and I feel at peace with my parents and my childhood.  I am at a place now where I never thought I’d be, and I am so glad I’ve made it here.

I feel more confident in myself and have become more forgiving of myself and others.  I am able to be more objective to criticism and take things less personally than I used to.  I am more comfortable in dealing with phonecalls, people, crowds, and difficult people than I used to be. This has helped to decrease drama from my life and attract more positive and harmonious people and experiences.

I turn 35 in a little over a month.  I think this has a lot to do with my new perspective and what feels like a new chapter. I feel like I am finally an adult, living in the present rather than the past or imagined future. I feel now that my life is 100% my responsibility, and I am no longer waiting to be rescued in any way.

I also think my happiness blog has something to do with my thrust into a more positive mindset. I notice the beautiful things in my life and overlook the less beautiful things in a way I did not do before. Choosing to be grateful for the simple gifts in my life helps has changed my life in so many ways.

It is a good feeling.

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