Better yet, but aimless.

Today I am feeling optimistic and better yet than yesterday, but aimless.  Distracted.  Can’t focus on the task at hand.  Just want to read about astrology, think, and talk, talk, talk my husband’s ear off and anyone else who will listen to me.

I am excited about so many things, such as:

a new driveway

drain tiles for the basement

summer vacation


building a playhouse with/for the kids

my Denmark trip

starting grad school in the fall

panting seedlings tomorrow

Mia and I getting braces at some point

selling our cars and getting a new one

feeling like I can love myself as the whole package that I am, imperfections included

feeling like this will allow me to love others, just as they are, imperfections included, and how nice that is.

wanting to have all kinds of adventures, especially in eating.  I want to eat at a good restaurant I have not been to before.


See? My mind is is everywhere.  At least there are mostly just good and happy things in there.


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