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Pictures of my birthday

Although Anna was sick and crabby today, she dealt with me dragging her around town for my birthday. We had a picnic with my family during the day and I had a date with Alan in the evening at Alma.  It was a special yet low-key day, and I really enjoyed it.  I have only... Continue Reading →


Today is my 35th birthday. I love my birthdays.  Each one is a milestone, and I love to reflect on my journey and what I've learned each time I reach a new age.  I want to keep moving and experiencing life, gaining more knowledge and wisdom with each passing year. Sometimes I get freaked out... Continue Reading →

I got my answer.

When I have a dilemma, I lie in bed at night and think about it.  Sometimes I ask for guidance, and it will usually come right away or in a dream that night. What my answer is to my kids' arguing is this: first, let it be. Be calm and patient with their problems.  Focus... Continue Reading →

How do I make peace with fighting?

My kids fight so many times per day that I can't even count it.  They have good times, too, where they hug and kiss and love each other and can cooperate.  Anna is so sensitive that she cries for long periods of time after a fight with Mia.  It is utterly exhausting and I am... Continue Reading →

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