A magical day

We spent the last day of our vacation on the South shore of Lake Superior, with good friends, sunshine, and a beach all to ourselves.




After nine glorious days of quiet northland peacefulness and fresh crisp air, coming home to our city home was difficult. I have a deep longing in my heart to move past this city life we’ve had for the past decade and move near Lake Superior.   Alan shares the same longing, and that happens to be quite convenient.

My children are different people when they play in nature’s playground.  They share.  They cooperate.  They imagine.  They don’t ask for Netflix.  Away from the stimulation of city life, I can sit still and think of nothing but what I see and feel in that very moment.  I feel calmness–a foreign and immensely pleasant sensation. Other than the slowly rising tide, time at this beach stood still.  It was beautiful. It was magical.


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