Days one and two

Our first two days on our Denmark trip: Meeting my dad at the Minneapolis airport before our flight to Amsterdam. 84 Attemosevej, 2840 Holte. This was my childhood home in Denmark. Vangeboskole, Holte. This was my elementary school in Denmark. A farmhouse that sits adjacent to Vangeboskole, my old school, and shares the road to... Continue Reading →

I went to Denmark!

I arrived home yesterday evening in Minnesota time, which is in the middle of the night Denmark time.  Seeing the sweet faces of my girls and husband was better than all of my wonderful experiences combined.  There truly is no place like home.I have had a wonderful 12 days.  There has been a lot of... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Leo

Today is new moon in Leo, and since I am into astrology lately I thought I'd make a list of wishes today.  New moons are good times to do this, and Leo's qualities of fun and happiness seem rather fitting now. My wishes for the new moon in Leo: I have a wonderful trip to... Continue Reading →

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