New Moon in Leo

Today is new moon in Leo, and since I am into astrology lately I thought I’d make a list of wishes today.  New moons are good times to do this, and Leo’s qualities of fun and happiness seem rather fitting now.

My wishes for the new moon in Leo:

I have a wonderful trip to Denmark that is light, fun, safe, and special.  I pick up my Danish quickly and can have good conversations in Danish. I have a great time with my dad, time goes quickly and smoothly, and my family is having a good time here at home.

I find time for my inner child, seek out fun and creative things in my life.

I complete my responsibilities with ease and with light and playfulness.

I get my FAFSA completed and get ready to start school!

I get the office cleaned and organized into a lovely study space.

I use the principles of Feng Shui to make our home into a cozy and lovely place to be, and I do it easily and frugally within our budget.

I attract good health, harmony, and peace in all areas of my life.

I have confidence in my abilities and I follow my heart’s desire with ease and comfort.

I have patience and understanding for all people, especially my children and husband.

I complete our photo albums and have fun doing it.

I hang photos on our walls, and I have fun doing it.

I make creative and healthy meals for my family that fit into our budget.  I am organized with meal planning and preparation.

I keep up on my housework and do a little every day.

I do well in school and balance my studies with my family life with ease.

I maintain healthy boundaries and honor my own needs.  I am able to help others when they are in tough times, without it affecting me personally.

Thank you.

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