Days one and two

Meeting my dad at the Minneapolis airport before our flight to Amsterdam.
84 Attemosevej, 2840 Holte. This was my childhood home in Denmark.
Vangeboskole, Holte. This was my elementary school in Denmark.
A farmhouse that sits adjacent to Vangeboskole, my old school, and shares the road to the school forest.
A horse grazing in the pasture just beside the school grounds.
Me standing in Copenhagen on our second day in Denmark, in the rain.
Nyhavn, Copenhagen, one of the harbors where sailors used to stop in the old days to get drunk and get into a fight. Now it is a charming section of town filled with lovely cafes and shops.
A row of bikes in Copenhagen, where there are more bicyclists than drivers in cars. This is a typical bike ridden by Danes, with a basket in front and a cargo rack in the back.
A beautiful ship in the harbor near Amalieborg Slot.  Beautiful ships and boats made of wood are abundant in the harbors of Denmark.
A traditional Danish hot dog, or pølse, with toasted onions and pickles. Although I was not able to eat more than 3/4 of it, it was incredible.
Our little rental car, a Corsa Eco. It ran on diesel fuel and had incredible gas mileage. A little car like this is typical in Copenhagen and around Denmark.