Many things in my head

I have been feeling particularly ungrounded over the past few days, caught in a whirlwind of excitement and ideas.  Along with that comes difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and wishing I could fake sick so I didn’t have to do the dishes or make food.  Routine is out the window. I have very little focus.  This is vata-excess, again.

Things I am currently obsessed with:

Being simultaneously excited and terrified of starting school in a month and a half

Feng Shui, and wanting to set up my whole house according to it.  Currently, there is no budget for that, so patience is a must…and that’s a tall order right now.

New foods and recipes and extreme boredom with the same old.

Fantasizing about the house that I want to have built for us someday…someday.


I will start school in November.  For the next five years, I will work toward my Master’s degree and state licensure as a drug counselor/marriage and family therapist/clinical counselor.  It feels like this is a new baby, 5 years from birth to sending it off to Kindergarten–consuming much of my life and energy and requiring more life balance than I currently have.

Assuming that I live long enough to reap the rewards of a satisfying and interesting career, earn enough money to pay my student loan in a timely fashion, and assuming that I am able to balance my life and be the mother/wife/person I want to be in the meantime, I believe this will pay off eventually.  I am actually pretty excited to learn about all the stuff I am going to learn about.  I do feel that I am answering my calling, that this is what I am supposed to do, and that now is the time.  Following my heart has usually lead to good things, so I am trusting that this is the case this time, too, despite the very large price tag of this heart-following adventure.

On another note, I am out of my usual multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and need a new one because I am no longer a person who needs prenatal vitamins.  I’d love any suggestions you have.



First day of pre-school!

Anna has been wanting to go to preschool since she was about 2 years old.  She finally got her wish, and today was the first day! The whole thing was just so cute, from the way she dressed, signed her name, started playing right away, put her drawings into the ice cream bucket to bring home at the end of the preschool day, and waited for us to pick her up at the door with her little classmates.






A week of firsts

This week was Mia’s first day of 4th grade and Anna’s first day of swimming lessons.  They are both into leopard print now, as the pictures show.

Anna is a little skittish about putting her face in the water, but brave enough to keep up with the lessons.  I think she might even feel a little proud of herself, too.

Mia loved her first day at school.