Places I would live

I have always loved the idea of newness and change, and frequently want to move.  I've always wanted to see as many parts of the world as possible and live in different cultures, or at least in different places.  Since this is not currently a realistic option in my life, I am sitting in the... Continue Reading →


Things I am thinking about today:How hard I have been on myself, and how worried I have been about things that are really just fineThat I am actually still pretty young and healthy and if we did want another baby, I could actually handle itThat I strongly dislike obligations of any kind, and this makes... Continue Reading →

Such a nice day.

I am so excited that I can hardly wait! We are going on a little family vacation soon and I am planning it now.  I love planning for trips. I will post pics when it's all said and done. Mia has been home sick all week, and it's been nice.  We've had some quiet downtime... Continue Reading →

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