Places I would live

I have always loved the idea of newness and change, and frequently want to move.  I’ve always wanted to see as many parts of the world as possible and live in different cultures, or at least in different places.  Since this is not currently a realistic option in my life, I am sitting in the same house I’ve lived in for 13 years (which has been lovely), thinking about all the places I would live if the opportunity arose. I wonder what else is out there that I don’t know about yet?

1. Portland, ME and/or OR

2. Vermont

3. Near any major mountain range in the US

4. Santa Fe

5. Vancouver, BC

6. Labrador, Newfoundland

7. Alaska, summertime only

8. Southern California, anywhere

9. Near Shenandoah National Park or any other national park

20. Montana

21. Colorado

22. Denmark, islands or in/around Copenhagen

23. France, anywhere

24. Beaver Island, MI

25. St. Croix/Taylors Falls, MN and WI

26. Eau Claire, WI (although I actually did live there, but would move there again!)

27. Linden Hills, Minneapolis

28. Viroqua, WI

29. Maiden Rock, WI

30. South shore area of Lake Superior, WI

31. San Fransisco area

32. Italian countryside

33.  English countryside

34. Irish countryside

So it’s not the most exciting or exotic list, but they are places I am drawn to for whatever reason.  Maybe someday I will get my wish and try out another place for a while.

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