Happy New Year!

This New Year’s Eve, Mia stayed up with us until midnight.  We watched Where the Wild Things Are as a family, made mini pizzas, made cake and ate it, too.  We also had a little mishap that landed Mia in the ER, but it turned out to be ok so we will try to put it behind us.

My New Year’s resolutions for 2014

1. exercise consistently, at least 3 times a week, including lifting weights

2. eat mostly Paleo but remember to cheat every once in a while

3. do well in school/balance school with life

4. be calm, gentle and kind with everyone at all times and STOP BEING A CRABBY PANTS.

5. be smart with money and pay off as much debt as possible

These are the resolutions Mia would like me to make:

1. make more cookies!

2. make more spaghetti!

3. make less eggs!

4. make more gluten-filled foods!

These are the resolutions Alan wants me to make:

1. save some chocolate for me

2. keep going to the gym; you’re doing great

3. don’t feed me any more cholesterol sticks, chips, meals, or balls

This is what Anna would say if she were awake:

1. mommy, I’m hungry

2. mommy, don’t watch me

3. mommy, where is the chocolate?

4. mommy, can I get something yummy from the vending machine?

Happy New Year, friends!


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