Mercury retrograde is coming to an end and words are coming back to me, so here is my third post in two days.

Looking back at some of my posts over the years, I almost don’t recognize myself.  It’s good to look back at my journey, which has been partially recorded here.  It’s kind of embarrassing and humbling, too.

I feel like it’s time to start a new space. This blog is a part of my old chapter, and it no longer feels like home.  It was born and has lived through a period of great change in my life. So much has changed in that time. I don’t need to defend myself so much anymore, and I don’t need to protect my children so much anymore.  I am safe, and all is well, and I feel pretty content regardless of what my family or others may think of me.  I am worthy as I am, and this is my life to live.

We have health insurance now, my kids are in school, Anna will go to Kindergarten and everything will be ok.  Five years ago, I probably would not have imagined I’d ever be saying those words!

I feel the need to switch gears.  I want to contribute now; I want to take my journey and transform it into change and light for others.  I want to help other people find their power.  We all have the power to overcome and change our lives for the better; it’s just a matter of finding it.

I am not sure what I will do, and I know I have said this perhaps twice before.  I think this blog will be laid to rest, but to be replaced with a fresh new blog that represents something else.  I think my writing energy will take new life in my writings for school and eventually for my Master’s thesis.  And perhaps a blog that helps people find their own power, because that is what I really want to do.

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