Wild Geese

This is one of my favorite poems read by my favorite reader of poems, Garrison Keillor.


This poem reminds me of what I need when I am in a hard place, which I am right now.  I am processing, learning, growing and healing in a big way.  I am in a major transition of spiritual awareness and growth, and it is wonderful and overwhelming and liberating. This is what this Mercury retrograde was about for me, and I am grateful.  It ends tomorrow, and I am ready to move forward from here.

This poem reminds me that all I have to do is be me.  I don’t have to fix anyone. I don’t have to feel bad.  I don’t have to feel shame for what I feel or think or am, even if that is what I have learned.  I can change that.

I just have to love what I love and be who I am.  And it doesn’t matter what others think about that.  I am me.