Aries New Moon 2014

Tonight is Aries New Moon, or Treasure-map-making day.  

This will be my third year of making a Treasure Map, and it is something I really enjoy and that helps keep me focused on my goals for the year.  It is really fun to see what comes of it and what doesn’t–and usually it works out for the best, even if I don’t end up getting what I wanted initially.  A couple of years ago on my treasure map, I wanted another baby and a farm.  Well, that did not happen, and something else happened instead.  I learned who I am, and I learned that what I needed was not a baby or a farm.  I was presented with other opportunities and also with closure and the ability to let go.  We don’t always know what is best for us.  Sometimes we can trust that only the best will come to us, and if we keep our eyes open, it will come.

Treasure Map 2014

1. Become a doula

2. Get an internship that fits my life perfectly

3. Enjoy speaking/sharing my thoughts in groups

4. Heal what needs healing

5. Healthy, harmonious, and meaningful relationships

6. Good physical and mental health for Alan, Mia, Anna and me

7. Make wise decisions

8. Feel calm and at peace.