The Red Cloak

This is artwork I did today with my family. We’ve been making art together, and it feels so good. We each made our own piece today, but sometimes we make one piece together. I love making art. I has been a while since I’ve made space for really making art, and now I remember how therapeutic it is.  When art is therapy, it is about the process and not the product.

This painting is about what is processing inside of me now–there are themes of the shadow of a child, the red protective cloak, facing the strength of the tree which gives life and is firmly rooted, the winds of change, cycle of life, release of the old, room for the new, room to grow, birds, leaves, and feathers. There might be more that I am not seeing and will see as time goes on.

Little Red Riding Hood has significance here, and I am not sure yet what it is.  She was a significant character in my childhood and is still significant in my Early Recollections. Some people see her as a metaphor for sexual awakening and temptation, or on the other hand, for learning about deceit.  It can be a symbol for maturity and coming of age.  The woods are exciting and dangerous at the same time, and can allude to temptation, courage, sexuality, and maturity again. Maybe there is possibility and potential, there is courage to face the unknown. Maybe there is a need to be virtuous and fighting the temptation to go astray.

What do you see?



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