Life is change.

Mia’s last day of fourth grade is today, and I can hardly believe how much she has grown up this year.  She is a confident, kind, and sweet girl, and I feel so lucky to be her mom.  It has been special and fun to watch her become increasingly social and interested in her friends, and the best part is that her friends are as sweet and wonderful as she is.  Sometimes I get worried that she will lose interest in me and our family unit the way kids sometimes do at this age.  I am hoping that we can create something different and both family and friends can coexist in her world.

I have been applying and interviewing for internships starting in the fall.  I was accepted for my top two choices, and aside feeling flabbergasted and surprised, I am extremely honored and happy about it.  It will be a fantastic learning experience and prepare me for the work that I want to do after I am a licensed therapist.  I will begin at Park Avenue Center this fall and intern there through the school year.  After that, I will intern for the Hazelden adolescent program.  

Interning and going to school will have me occupied as much or more as a full-time job, and it will be a major life adjustment for all of us.  I have been a full-time caregiver of my children for ten years.  Now they will both be out in the world without me for much of the week, and I will be out doing my own thing.  Somehow we will have to balance school drop-offs, errands, housework, and meal preparation.  How do people do that? I am so used to “doing it all” and I think the biggest change will be for me to let a lot of things go.

I am looking forward to summer, and my hope is that it is a good balance between fun and relaxation and productivity.  We have a lot of house projects that we must complete this year, a pool pass and Childrens Museum pass to use, camping to do, and a family cabin to visit.  

Well, that was my self-centered post of the day.  We’re in Gemini right now, and this Gemini always has a lot to say during this time of year.

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