Since my last post, there has been action and closure.  My action was not easy, but it was necessary.  I am in a good place now, and ready to move forward and leave the past in the past.  

The pieces are coming together for the journey I’ll be on in the coming year.  I will attend my first birth in August and also begin an exciting internship for my mental health training in August.  I am so excited for both, and for the new beginning that these two signify.  I feel like I’ve been on one train for a long time and am now arriving at the station, ready to step onto a new train, heading in a new direction.

My internship means that my children will need some before and after school care, because Alan and I are not always able to drive and/or pick up on time every day.  This will be a new and different experience for all of us, and hopefully a smooth and positive one.  It’s a little hard sometimes with the notion that I’ll no longer be a stay-at-home mom like I’ve been for so long.  It will be different.

Alan will be at the girls’ school 3 days a week–the same days I will be at my internship.  He did not get the school administration jobs he applied for, and this is a relief for all of us, actually! It means a minimal change in our lifestyle and routine, and also that he will have Mia in his 5th grade band next year.  We are all really happy about that.  Having all three of my most special people at the same school is a comfort, and I know that the girls are in a good place when I am away from them.

I am back on Facebook.  With new boundaries and enough personal work under my belt, I feel ready to handle it in a healthy way.  I choose who and what I let into my world, and it’s that simple.  It is so nice to be in touch with people who matter to me, those who are far and away, and those who inspire and support me and make me laugh!

Alan and I are in love with Portlandia.  I highly recommend it for anyone needing a good laugh.

Have a good week, friends!



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