Happy New Year 2015!

This New Year’s Eve, Alan, the girls and I came up with a list of our favorite memories from the year.  We ate chili with macaroni and cheese and had apple pie with spray-can whipped cream for dessert. Then we made videos of each of us being interviewed and watched a movie and stayed up till midnight.

We had various options for how to spend New Year’s Eve, and in the end, we all agreed that what we wanted most of all was to stay home and just be together, so that is what we did.

To me, this has been a deep and meaningful year.  It’s been a year of transformation and growth, in which I feel like I have entered a new chapter and version of myself that has been dormant for a long time.  My anxiety has decreased significantly, I have more confidence, and I have a clearer focus about my purpose and what I want from my life.  My health has improved significantly since my episode in October, and I feel better than I have in a very long time. And with all of this, I have started to find more enjoyment in everyday things and the ability to be in the present moment a little more than I used to.  I am grateful.

Gratitude and highlights for 2014:

Becoming a doula

Attending Milo’s birth, my first birth as a doula

Starting my first internship

Starting my second year of grad school

Crossing paths with my professional mentors John Reardon, Richard Close and Regina Driscoll

Attending a Sandplay conderence

Beginning my Sandplay training

Building my energetic boundaries

“Graduating” from Field Control Therapy, finally, after many years of working at it

A taste of inner peace

Alan and Hack putting new siding on the house

Happy and healthy children and husband

What I look forward to in 2015:

Completing my Master’s thesis

Completing my internship

Finishing my Master’s degree

Daily enjoyable exercise

Completing my photo albums from 2011-2014

Completing video transfer to DVDs

Camping trips and outdoor adventures with my family

Rewarding and harmonious relationships


Increasing my energetic resonance

Healthy, delicious, and budget-conscious meals every day

Enjoying a break after my graduation to spend time with my family

Healthy and happy children

Healthy and happy husband

Personal growth for me and my family

Supportive and positive community

Openness and willingness

Best wishes for happy, healthy and meaningful 2015 to all!


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