It’s time.

I haven’t thought about my blog for a long time.

I checked in tonight, and noticed I haven’t posted since May.

There has been a shift in me, and this shift has reduced my need to blog.  I am more at peace.  I am less interested in my own process.  My previous need to vent and express myself has been reduced a great deal.  I understand my own contribution to the suffering I’ve endured.  Perspective is everything.  When we change our perspective, we change our whole life.

I am more interested in growth and contribution and being a part of other people’s journeys now.  I want what I say to help others grow and heal.

This blog has been an outlet for me since Anna was newborn, I think.  I was in a very different place then, living “in the mousehole.”  Hiding, protecting myself, taking care of myself from what I thought was a cruel and dangerous world.

I am different now.  I am out of the mousehole.  I am in the world now, with my arms open wide, willing to take it in and be a part of it, willing to risk being seen for who I am.  I am willing to love others as they are and to accept “what is.”  It is a peaceful place–at least, for now.

The time has come for me to end this blog.  It is a good feeling, a closing of a chapter.  It has been meaningful, essential, and a stepping stone. It’s time for new ventures, and perhaps a new blog that seeks to encourage and inspire rather than vent and complain.

This is my happy ending.  Thank you for coming here and sharing in my journey.

Love and peace to all of you.

Goodbye, and goodnight.

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  1. Let me know if you ever decide to start a new blog. I’ve always enjoyed checking in here. Glad that you are in a good place in life!!

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