Two Years

Last week I attended a silent retreat that was held by Judith Lies, a therapist and mindfulness instructor in the Twin Cities.  It was a beautiful and life-altering experience. During my time there, it struck me that my two year anniversary of leaving "the church" would occur during the retreat.  This probably doesn't sound like... Continue Reading →

A new cat

I've been looking through this blog and am feeling very grateful for it. And to think that I nearly deleted it at one point!  Through this blog, I have somewhat kept track of things over the years.  While I am embarrassed by how revealing I've been at times and how much I've had to say,... Continue Reading →

November 2017

We had our family photos taken this week with a Groupon for JC Penney.  As usual, the photo session there was rushed and awkward and most of the photos turned out terribly.  But we did manage to get a few good ones, and here is one of Alan and me that I love: This is... Continue Reading →

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