Happy New Year

A fresh start is around the corner.  My hope is that 2018 brings peace and joy to all beings and that I will cultivate more peace and joy in my own heart to share with others. In the new year, my intentions are to continue to grow and release old habits that cause harm.  Here... Continue Reading →

Growing old

I've been thinking more about growing old lately.  Why I am more aware of this concept lately is likely because I am facing my own mortality as a new milestone approaches: the age of 40. Tonight I looked at the staff directories of my old elementary school and my old high school.  The teachers who... Continue Reading →

The Nutcracker

Anna participated in the annual performance of The Nutcracker this year through the Academy of Russian Ballet. It was an intense and wonderful experience.  Anna learned the meaning of commitment in a new way. She performed through a bad cold and missed out on many weekends of downtime. In the end, it was worth it.... Continue Reading →

The Present

I am 39 years old.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Winter is cold, but not too cold to take Anna ice skating. I am glad Mercury is direct again and hope my vivid dreams will take a vacation for a while. While many awakenings have happened for me in recent years, there is still more to... Continue Reading →

Many thoughts

I had a couple of hours by myself tonight to look up and read about a variety of things that have been on my mind.  There are so many possibilities in this life, and sometimes I get so excited by them all that I have difficulty focusing on what I can realistically accomplish.  Many of... Continue Reading →

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