Happy New Year

A fresh start is around the corner.  My hope is that 2018 brings peace and joy to all beings and that I will cultivate more peace and joy in my own heart to share with others.

In the new year, my intentions are to continue to grow and release old habits that cause harm.  Here goes:

In 2018, I will work toward releasing:

  1. Criticism
  2. Shame
  3. Interrupting
  4. Talking more than necessary
  5. Negative beliefs
  6. Complaining
  7. Using my phone in bed
  8. Addiction to sugar
  9. Pulling my hair
  10. Staying up too late
  11. Reading online
  12. Ranting about housework

I will embrace:

  1. Acceptance of others as they are
  2. Doing housework with love
  3. Kindness
  4. Gentleness
  5. Healthy, low-carb foods
  6. Daily exercise
  7. Daily meditation
  8. Reading real books
  9. Buying nothing except groceries and other consumables (and gifts)
  10. Saving money in a serious way
  11. Being present
  12. Going to bed early