I visited my parents today, all by myself.  No kids, no dog, no siblings.  I can’t remember the last time I did that.  It was special and memorable. My dad looked and acted like his usual self and has handled things well.  He begins chemo on Monday. I feel hopeful, especially compared to yesterday.  I suppose that is how this journey will be: up and down.  He is hopeful, too.  He believes in his doctors and in the medicine.

My dad will receive one treatment every three weeks, for a total of 6 treatments or as much as his body can handle.  I hope and pray for his body handles the treatments, that he stays free from infection, and all of the cancer in his body disappears and his body is filled with healthy cells.  He won’t see much of Mia and Anna, because they are sick so often and spend 36 hours per week in the petri dish called school 🙂 Even a little sniffle or sore throat could send him down a bad road, so we’re not even going to risk that. And, at the same time, I do believe his life is in the creator’s hands and that things will unfold according to plan.

I watched the movie, Heal, and recommended it to my dad.  It is a documentary that emphasises the power of belief, such as belief in the chemo medication and believing it will heal the cancer. I found the movie to be inspiring and lovely.  It is a little “out there” and maybe a bit hippie-ish, especially for someone like my dad–an traditionalist and an engineer.  I am one of those who is willing to try just about anything and everything alternative.  And I am trying to hold back and remind myself to accept and allow my dad to choose his own path and experience this journey in his own way.




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