Engagement, revisited.

On September 14, 1998, Alan asked me on a date outside the large ensemble room at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  I nervously accepted. On September 16, 1998, Alan and I had our first date and spent some time at a park on a little lake called Half Moon Lake.  On October 31, 1999, Alan proposed to me at this same park, while I sat on a park bench overlooking the lake, nervously giggling and eventually accepting his proposal.  So, naturally, we had to visit and reenact these scenes when we recently visited Eau Claire roughly 20 years later. This time, there was less nervous giggling, but there were clearly more pounds, more grey hair, and more children, too.  I married a sweet, handsome, and all-around amazing man.  I am grateful.  Happy 20-ish years, Hub.