Yesterday we started staying home because of the coronavirus situation. Schools are closed, Alan is home, my company is moving to mostly phone sessions. We are being asked to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible, and of course, wash hands and stay home if we’re sick.

The world is in a frenzy, and especially over toilet paper. Grocery store shelves are emptying and stores are struggling to meet the demand for things like sanitary products and nonperishable food. People are thinking of themselves, mostly, while claiming to be thinking of the vulnerable. I don’t know what to make of it.

Thousands of people around the world have died, mostly older people and some younger people, which has everyone very worried. The pandemic so far is much smaller than previous pandemics, such as H1N1 in 2009. People get angry if this is pointed out or this is compared to the flu. So, we go along and follow the societally-appropriate response. We support people in doing what feels safe to them, while the economy crumbles around us. We will see how it fares once it’s all over.

My feeling is that the economy will be very hard hit by the societal response from this, moreso, perhaps, than if we responded with less drastic measures. This is not the popular opinion, and taboo, perhaps. Again, time will tell. What is clear is that society is in a state of panic; fear of death has set in and logical reasoning is in short supply.

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