One year post-shutdown

This month marks one year since our governor mandated shutdowns in the name of coronavirus. Mask mandates shortly followed and are still in place statewide. Children are now required to wear masks all day at school, at recess, and while playing sports. Everyone else is required to wear a mask while inside of public buildings, including privately owned stores and restaurants. To date, no evidence exists that the mass wearing of reusable masks reduces spread of coronavirus or that it is safe for the people wearing them.

If we had known that the mandates would still be in effect in one year later, I wonder if we have complied in the first place? It’s a like the frog in the pot of water on the stove; it doesn’t feel the gradual increase in heat and stays in the pot until the water boils and kills it. The timeline for “stay at home” was initially two weeks, then another two, and before long, there was no timeline provided. The timeline is now indefinite.

The vaccine is now available and many people have acquired natural immunity. However, masks are still mandated for all people in all public places, regardless of vaccine status or natural immunity status. Despite the absence of research to support the benefit or safety of widespread mask wearing, children are required to wear them all day at school. Originally, small children and people with medical reasons were exempt from masks, but that seems to have been forgotten, since many stores will not allow anyone without a mask to enter the store, telling them to shop online instead. Vaccinated people and people with antibodies are not exempt from mask mandates. Our personal liberty and freedom to choose where we go, what we do, and what we wear on our faces have been removed.

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