Wearing Face Masks Strongly Confuses Counterparts in Reading Emotions

Full study available here:


While mask mandates have relaxed in some areas, many people continue to wear masks for various reasons, even when not required.

School children are still mandated to mask up for school, although unmasking could be warranted due to:

-Transmission and infection rates in schools are lower than in the general population, and several studies show that children can safely attend school without masks, when other precautions are taken.

-Most if not all teachers have been offered the vaccine.

-Children are highly unikely to have severe cases of covid-19.

-Children’s abilities to accurately read facial communication are seriously inhibitied by mask wearing, stunting socioemotional development, potentially damaging self-image and wellbeing, decreasing connection with others, stunting the ability to empathize with others, and negatively impacting mental health.

My hope is that we release children of the burden of adult fears around covid-19 and allow them to act, think, and feel as children ought to: freely, with curiosity and joy.

My hope is that we reconnect with faith in our perfection and awaken to the truth that we are not in charge of who lives and who dies. May we invite peace into our hearts when we remember that everything is unfolding according to a perfect master plan. All religions and spiritual wisdom instruct us not to fear, to let go, and to love unconditionally.

Lastly, my hope is that we release children from mask mandates and allow them a fun and carefree summer vacation.

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