Fall vacation

Fall has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember.  This fall has been the longest and most beautiful and pleasant fall that I can remember. We spent MEA weekend in Taylors Falls and St. Croix Falls, and it was a treat.

On the way there, we stopped and visited Michelle and her family at their new farm.  My girls are still talking about the animals, and “Whitey” in particular–the cuddly white farm cat.

My family came up for one evening to celebrate Daja’s 34th birthday, and we ate at a fantastic restaurant, The Vegetarian.  It was top-notch food–such a pleasant surprise for a small-town restaurant.

For small towns, Taylors Falls and St. Croix Falls have a progressive feel.  They have lively downtowns with interesting shops and cafes, and even a real bakery that still makes cake frosting out of real butter. These, as well as the natural beauty, really appealed to Alan and me and we think we could be very happy living here on a nice piece of land.  We put this on our list of places we would love to live someday, maybe even in the number one spot for now.








Many things in my head

I have been feeling particularly ungrounded over the past few days, caught in a whirlwind of excitement and ideas.  Along with that comes difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and wishing I could fake sick so I didn’t have to do the dishes or make food.  Routine is out the window. I have very little focus.  This is vata-excess, again.

Things I am currently obsessed with:

Being simultaneously excited and terrified of starting school in a month and a half

Feng Shui, and wanting to set up my whole house according to it.  Currently, there is no budget for that, so patience is a must…and that’s a tall order right now.

New foods and recipes and extreme boredom with the same old.

Fantasizing about the house that I want to have built for us someday…someday.


I will start school in November.  For the next five years, I will work toward my Master’s degree and state licensure as a drug counselor/marriage and family therapist/clinical counselor.  It feels like this is a new baby, 5 years from birth to sending it off to Kindergarten–consuming much of my life and energy and requiring more life balance than I currently have.

Assuming that I live long enough to reap the rewards of a satisfying and interesting career, earn enough money to pay my student loan in a timely fashion, and assuming that I am able to balance my life and be the mother/wife/person I want to be in the meantime, I believe this will pay off eventually.  I am actually pretty excited to learn about all the stuff I am going to learn about.  I do feel that I am answering my calling, that this is what I am supposed to do, and that now is the time.  Following my heart has usually lead to good things, so I am trusting that this is the case this time, too, despite the very large price tag of this heart-following adventure.

On another note, I am out of my usual multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and need a new one because I am no longer a person who needs prenatal vitamins.  I’d love any suggestions you have.



First day of pre-school!

Anna has been wanting to go to preschool since she was about 2 years old.  She finally got her wish, and today was the first day! The whole thing was just so cute, from the way she dressed, signed her name, started playing right away, put her drawings into the ice cream bucket to bring home at the end of the preschool day, and waited for us to pick her up at the door with her little classmates.






New Moon in Leo

Today is new moon in Leo, and since I am into astrology lately I thought I’d make a list of wishes today.  New moons are good times to do this, and Leo’s qualities of fun and happiness seem rather fitting now.

My wishes for the new moon in Leo:

I have a wonderful trip to Denmark that is light, fun, safe, and special.  I pick up my Danish quickly and can have good conversations in Danish. I have a great time with my dad, time goes quickly and smoothly, and my family is having a good time here at home.

I find time for my inner child, seek out fun and creative things in my life.

I complete my responsibilities with ease and with light and playfulness.

I get my FAFSA completed and get ready to start school!

I get the office cleaned and organized into a lovely study space.

I use the principles of Feng Shui to make our home into a cozy and lovely place to be, and I do it easily and frugally within our budget.

I attract good health, harmony, and peace in all areas of my life.

I have confidence in my abilities and I follow my heart’s desire with ease and comfort.

I have patience and understanding for all people, especially my children and husband.

I complete our photo albums and have fun doing it.

I hang photos on our walls, and I have fun doing it.

I make creative and healthy meals for my family that fit into our budget.  I am organized with meal planning and preparation.

I keep up on my housework and do a little every day.

I do well in school and balance my studies with my family life with ease.

I maintain healthy boundaries and honor my own needs.  I am able to help others when they are in tough times, without it affecting me personally.

Thank you.

A magical day

We spent the last day of our vacation on the South shore of Lake Superior, with good friends, sunshine, and a beach all to ourselves.




After nine glorious days of quiet northland peacefulness and fresh crisp air, coming home to our city home was difficult. I have a deep longing in my heart to move past this city life we’ve had for the past decade and move near Lake Superior.   Alan shares the same longing, and that happens to be quite convenient.

My children are different people when they play in nature’s playground.  They share.  They cooperate.  They imagine.  They don’t ask for Netflix.  Away from the stimulation of city life, I can sit still and think of nothing but what I see and feel in that very moment.  I feel calmness–a foreign and immensely pleasant sensation. Other than the slowly rising tide, time at this beach stood still.  It was beautiful. It was magical.


Aries New Moon 2013

Here is my new treasure map for the 2013 Aries New Moon!

1. I have a wonderful trip to Denmark with my dad.  It is smooth, peaceful, easy, and a special opportunity to connect with my dad.  I pay for it easily, and my family does well here at home while I am away.

2. I start school in October and it is a smooth transition.  I do well in school and balance it gracefully with other parts of my life.

3. Our income increases substantially due to Alan’s new job, which is the perfect job for him and for us.

4. We make wise financial decisions and plan for the future.  We save our money and spend carefully as well as pay off our debts in a timely manner.

5. Alan, Mia, Anna and I are healthy in mind and body and take good care of ourselves.

6. We have harmonious relationships.

7. I am open, humble, grounded, resourceful, wise, responsible, fun, patient, kind, nurturing to self and others, and a good listener.

8. Dermatology treatments for my face

9. Orthodontics for Mia and for me

10. New driveway for us

11. A good sense of style and fashion sense that fits into our budget. I look my best.

12. A beautiful, neat, organized, safe, quiet, and comfortable home.

13. A fulfilling and joyful life for Alan, Mia, Anna, and me.

I am going to Denmark!

It has been my dream since I was last there when I was fifteen years old. For my 35th birthday this year, my parents are buying me a round-trip flight to Denmark.  I asked my dad if he would join me.  He said “Yes!”

This particular dream was one I put onto my 2012 treasure map, and I have visualized it happening pretty consistently since then.  Now that dream is about to become a reality.  I am going to Denmark!

My father was born and raised in Denmark and my mother was born and raised in Finland.  They met when my mom was 19 at a club in Helsinki and fell in love.  It would be a few years of writing love letters and having a long-distance relationship that they would become married and travel the world together, wherever my dad’s work would take him.

I was born in Maryland, where we lived for a short while.  After Maryland, we moved to Wisconsin and my sister was born. Then we picked up and moved across the world to a small town near Copenhagen, Denmark.

I spent about five years of my childhood in Denmark and attended school through second grade.  It was a formative time for me, and Danish was my native tongue.  It was the first culture that was my own and a culture I still identify with. Although I have lived in the United States since I was nine years old, I haven’t lost my Danish roots.

A few years ago I took a similar trip with my mom, who took Alan, Mia and me to Finland.  I have never lived in Finland and I do not speak Finnish, but it is a part of my blood, too.  I met family I never knew I had.  I saw the house where my mother and her four siblings grew up.  I saw my grandfather one last time before he passed away. It was an amazing trip.

I will be away from my family for eleven days.  I will miss them and they will miss me.  So much. I am a little fearful of being so far away and of not being able to touch them and see them for so long; this is something I have never done before.  But it is something I have to do and will never regret.  I will come home from my trip and they will forget that I was ever gone, but the memories will live in my mind forever.

I can’t wait.