Homeschooling has begun!

Today was our official first day of 4th and 9th grades! It was wonderful, delightful, and warmed my heart in a way I haven't felt in a long time.  I can hardly express how much I love these girls and love this new adventure we're on together.  There will probably be bumps in the road... Continue Reading →

We’re official homeschoolers!

The letter has been sent and the schools notified.  The curriculum materials are here and our little office is ready to go.  I have a loose idea of what our lives might look like and what we might do.  Mostly, my hope is that we enjoy this year, deschool ourselves, and grow as people and... Continue Reading →

What’s next? Homeschooling!

My last post reflected on the last few years and the storms we have weathered as a family in order to be where we are today: a pretty good, solid place. So, what better time than now to throw something new into the mix? Mia and Anna have been asking to be homeschooled for the past... Continue Reading →

A happy, happy day

For nine years' of days and nights, I have had Mia under my wing.  She's been my shadow for all of her life, my little companion, my teacher. Today, I let her go. She started school today. I did all of my crying, grieving and letting go prior to today, and I woke up happy... Continue Reading →


Tears of relief run down my face.  The key I've been searching for most of my life is in my hand, and I am about to unshackle the chains that have held me down for decades.  How I found it, I am not sure.  The best way to explain it is that I have been... Continue Reading →

A day I would like to repeat. Every day.

Wednesday was direction-less, lazy, depressing, crabby, messy, bad-attitude day. Then I had a pep-talk from my wonderful husband. Thursday I had a new attitude and a new plan, and the day was almost perfect. (It helped that my Mother's Helper was in the kitchen for over 4 hours making multitudes of freezer meals!) Things that... Continue Reading →


Fall and winter are vata seasons--dry and cold.  With a constitution that tends to be in vata excess, this is not the best time of year for me.  I do love the cooler weather, the quiet neighborhood, the coziness, and the fall colors.  I love sweaters and jeans and not sweating whenever I step outside.... Continue Reading →

Things are good.

Things have been very good since my last post. My relationship difficulties have smoothed out, and I again have harmony in that area, though with new and better boundaries. I quit my job with Home Instead and am finishing off now, like I had wanted to do by Sept. 1st when I wrote my Treasure... Continue Reading →

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