Finger knitting

Today, Anna learned finger knitting.  After watching a video about it, she finger knitted on her own for 2 hours while I slept.  The end product is a long scarf/ rope/ belt thing that she is very proud of.  Next, she will create a beanie cap, also with finger knitting. Anna seems to be good... Continue Reading →


Last week I kept up on housework and laundry, made three meals a day plus snacks, did a big grocery trip with the children, took the girls on two outings, took Mia to acting and choir, and took care of another child for one day. I wrote out the meal plan for the week ahead,... Continue Reading →

a lovely gift idea for the holidays

For the third time I had the honor of photographing a few of Erin's beautiful soaps. They smell almost good enough to eat. Here are photos from previous years, and more here--although I am not sure whether these products are still available. These will be for sale in her Etsy shop this year, along with... Continue Reading →

banana bread

Mia and I made this today and loosely adapted it from a recipe on We loved it! Here is the recipe: 4 mashed ripe bananas 1 stick melted butter 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla 1/2 C sugar 1/4 C brown sugar dash salt 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. baking powder 1 1/2 C... Continue Reading →

Picking flowers and unschooling

In our garden, flowers are for picking.  We make sure to leave some for the bees, too, but what fun would it be to have flowers that can't be picked? Here is what Mia did with (while I took pictures of) our pick-able flowers the other day: Watching Mia independently satisfy her curiosity and plan... Continue Reading →

Lazy gardeners’ rhubarb patch

Our wildly thriving rhubarb patch has been almost untouched for most of the time we've owned it.  We are the laziest gardeners I know; we love the food but don't like the work. This year I wanted to make the best of this huge patch of free food. It was a fun family adventure. If... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day vacation

We spent the weekend at Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement, our second time there this year. We love this place.  Not only only is it a simple, stress-free getaway close to home, but it's cheap, too.  For us, being a one-income family means not taking tropical winter vacations.  Or driving new cars or donning fresh, trendy hairdos...... Continue Reading →

Mama Mia spa night and rant about Godiva

Mama Mia date night, complete with a visit to the (pretend, at-home) nail salon, hair salon, and homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries... (which, if I may say so myself, are WAY better than the overpriced chocolate-dipped strawberries we had at Godiva at the Mall of America on Saturday night. They were TEN dollars for SIX of them,... Continue Reading →

Mama Mia ice-cream date

We started a tradition of Sunday evening Mama Mia dates, where Mia and I spend an hour or two together, just us. Tonight we had ice cream on the front porch and painted with acrylic paints. We laughed about silly things and chatted about nothing...the way things used to be *all* the time about 13... Continue Reading →

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