Welcome, winter!

Today started with a freshly stocked AND cleaned fridge (happens about twice yearly)... and while I was at it, thought I'd better clean out those cupboards, too... To everyone's excitement, this was right outside our front window: Daddy's special Saturday morning breakfast, complete with eggnog, bacon, and chocolate pasty, not to mention CHRISTMAS MUSIC (courtesy... Continue Reading →

Picking flowers and unschooling

In our garden, flowers are for picking.  We make sure to leave some for the bees, too, but what fun would it be to have flowers that can't be picked? Here is what Mia did with (while I took pictures of) our pick-able flowers the other day: Watching Mia independently satisfy her curiosity and plan... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day vacation

We spent the weekend at Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement, our second time there this year. We love this place.  Not only only is it a simple, stress-free getaway close to home, but it's cheap, too.  For us, being a one-income family means not taking tropical winter vacations.  Or driving new cars or donning fresh, trendy hairdos...... Continue Reading →

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